My First Themed Playdough Set

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Our ‘My first’ playdough set has been created especially for those kiddies under three years old.

Squish, squeeze, roll, knead... all these actions strengthen little hands while helping them develop their fine motor skills.

Counting is fun with our bright and colourful number cut outs while learning all about colours. 

Fun shapes appear when using the toys as stamps in the dough and this really helps with their pincer grip. 

Toddler safe scissors for cutting practice plus cord for threading to help with hand eye coordination. 

The learning possibilities are endless and your little one will have so much fun! 

In the box:

 4 Primary Colours of our taste safe handmade playdough 

1, 2, 3 Wooden Cut outs 

Toddler friendly scissors

Large Buttons 

Strong cord

Cookie cutter

Plus a selection of age appropriate shapes, hoops and people