Fairy House Painting Set

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“Fairy Dust is like Love, it creates Magic whenever it is given away.”

Do you know someone that loves all things Fairy?

They will adore this set!

They can paint and create the most enchanting scene that no Fairy will be able to resist....

They make stunning decorations to be added to the bottom of a wall or you can use the stand provided.

Sprinkle with a little Magic Fairy Dust and then wait for the Fairies to come and visit!

Each cut out is a handdrawn original that has been laser cut.


In the box:

The following cutouts: 

Toadstool House

Big + Small Owl

Small Toadstool


Watering Can

4 x Butterflies





6 Paint Pots with the following colours:

Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow, White.

2 x Paint Brushes

Dotting Tool

Podge Sealing Varnish