Gingerbread Themed Playdough Set

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A firm family tradition in our houses is to decorate a gingerbread house. 

We absolutely love sitting around the table with the Christmas music on and we all get involved in decorating it, stealing the sweets and licking our fingers after icing the roof. 

So we really wanted to add a gingerbread house and gingerbread people to our playdough set this year to follow on from this tradition.

Your little ones can have fun creating scenes with our stunning hand painted house and gingerbread people. 

They can also make and create their own Christmas Tree and Snowman! 

This box is absolutely jam packed with amazing goodies that will delight children and give them hours and hours of fun. 

In the box:

1 x Hand Painted Gingerbread House

2 x Hand Painted Gingerbread People

2 x Hand Painted Candy Canes

1 x Vanilla Scented Sparkly Snow White Playdough  

1 x Peppermint Scented Green Glittery Playdough 

1 x Top Hat plus Snowman accessories 

1 x White Glitter Jar

A selection of beads, gems, straws, string beads, greenery, cotton wool, gem stones, hearts, stars, glass pebbles, white stones and more!