Mermaid Tales Colouring Poster

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"Everything's better, down where's it wetter, take it from me..."                                     ~ Little Mermaid



Exploring the ocean has never been so much fun with our newest poster, Mermaid Tales.

Think Mermaids, ship wreck's, a sea shell palace, turtles, fish and dolphins.... all waiting to come to life with a splash of colour.

So dive right in and grab one of these for your little one (or yourself, no judgement here!)


Perfect as gifts, to keep kiddies entertained at parties, on holiday or at home to keep them away from the screens!

Colouring in on a wall is also extremely good for fine motor skills.

Exclusive to squiggle, printed on high quality 125gsm paper measuring 73cm x 91,5cm.


Suitable for crayons, pencils, felt tip pens or paints.